Join us for a transformative week of astrology, meditation & adventure.

Ready to travel the world with Alina & Jen, expand your perspective, and meet your new travel community?

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June 24th - 30th 2024 7 Day Community Adventure in Thailand

About This Retreat: This curated group traveling experience is for people ready for a refresh--a spiritual refresh, community refresh, and scenic refresh. It’s perfect to reset your intentions, expand your perspectives and go on a Thai island-hopping adventure in community with like-minded friends. This retreat includes sunrise/sunset meditations and astrology workshops with Alina Alive, plus personal development activations with Jen Potts.

What can you expect from an Auralign Retreat?

💗 Community Alignment

Live in company of curated attendees who also love spiritual growth, meditation, and astrology.

⛰️ Unlock Your Clarity

Sometimes it's when we take time to immerse ourselves in new environments with like-minded community that we see our day-to-day from a more clear bird's eye view. This retreat was design for that.

🌴 Hands On Activities

Enjoy intentionally designed workshops by Alina & Jen covering electional astrology, evolutionary astrology, lunar alignment, and spiritual development.

🦋 A Full Refresh

Experience a week of clarity, connection and community that will change your life.

📝 Learn, Celebrate, & Integrate

With our lunar-themed workshops, sunrise/sunset meditations, & morning silent journaling sprinkled throughout our adventurous Thailand excursions, we know this retreat will be one to remember and inspire.

🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ Don't Vacation Alone

Attend a Thai cooking class, snorkel, hike, kayake & relax as you share these experiences in community.


Alina Brown (Alina Alive)

Alina, Auralign Founder, is an astrologer, meditation guide, functional nutritionist, and the founder of WellnessCon, an annual wellness conference that has evolved into annual Auralign Retreats like these!

Jen Potts

Jen is a Los Angeles based event host and dental hygeienist with a deep passion for spiritual development, meditation, hypnosis, and wellness retreats.


Absolutely! All of the excursions (kayaking, hiking, snorkeling) will be beginner-friendly in terms of endurance levels and our workshops will cover beginner-friendly astrology and spirituality topics. You will always have the option to opt-out of any activity.

As soon as you secure your spot with us for the retreat, you will be an invitation to our private Facebook Auralign Retreat Page where we will communicate between now and the retreat! We will also be available by email. During the retreat, as long as you have wifi access, you will be able to contact the group via Facebook & the TrovaTrip travel app!

Yes! This retreat is open to everyone world-wide.

Attendees must be 21+ to attend. There is no age limit. This retreat is for women & female-identifying people only.

Flights are not included in the retreat package. You can find a list of all the things that are and aren't included here. Though it is each traveler's personal responsibility to book their own flights, we are more than happy to assist all travelers with finding the right flight search engines & choosing the right time to book their flight for the best prices!

Where in Thailand?

We'll be staying on the islands of:

📍Koh Samui

📍Koh Pha Ngan